Rules for Grad School


I didn’t take the best care of myself during undergrad and since I’ve had a bit more life experience since graduation, I have a handful of things I would like to do better. These are my goals for myself for the next few years until I get to wear that sweet gown and funny sash.

1. You do have time to work out. 30 minutes here and there is not going to ruin your time management.

2. If you’re sick, you’re sick, dude. Take care of yourself now and not wait until a week from now.

3. You may drink Friday or Saturday. Choose wisely.

4. Eating dinner out of gas stations and vending machines is so 2005. Make yourself a damn sandwich from the groceries you pay for.

5. Introduce yourself first. I’m determined to have a decent conversation with a person at every class. My phone isn’t that interesting or a good social anxiety crutch.

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